JACS It Combines Blockchain Technology And Connectionless Network Services

JACS is revolutionising Internet 3.0 Infrastructure In A Totally Ne Communications Stack


Blockchain is the technology platform that provides decentralisation within its fabric and enables the rise towards the Internet 3.0


The founders of JACS have been working in the ICT industry for over 20 years delivering global, multi-million dollar, data communication projects.

What Is JACS ?

JACS or ‘Just Another Communications Stack’ is a crypto project that focuses on networking and communications
JACS is a new communication stack that is completely different from the existing one because at JACS it combines Blockchain technology and Connectionless Network Services (CLNS).

What Technology Is Used ?

JACS uses technology which focuses on a decentralized communication stack and is blockchain-based, the combined result of decentralized communication and blockchain, so there will be a single top authority and no regional or local authority. This is where the superiority of the technology used by JACS
later it will be administered via blockchain, so that it can meet all general guidelines such as administrative decentralization and data abstraction, coupled with strengthening the security of Internet routing systems.
And most importantly in this technology there will be no recurring maintenance or renewal costs for the address block
with this technology that is very helpful and needed by users in the present era

What Is The JACS Solution ?

The solutions provided by JACS are many and very helpful
one of which is changing the way data networks work today
this solution is more focused on changing the way networks work.

combines two technologies:
blockchain and CLNS, with its 160-bit ISO NSAP

JACS provides a completely new system of communication
completely different from the TCP / IP stack

and much more as in the image below

JACS Solution

What Problems Are in focus ?

JACS “Just Another Communications Stack”
what problems JACS focuses on and can solve

IPv4 address depletion
Centralized address allocation for both IPv4 and IPv6
Internet routing security
High recurring maintenance and renewal fees

JACS PRoblem s

more precisely, it focuses on the problems we often experience, namely the internet and communication.

Does JACS Have AGood Team?

For the team, of course, we can see in the image below


The JACS project team is very professional, they have various records who are experienced in their respective fields.


Well, of course there must be every project called a road map because that’s where we can know the planing of a project.


Maximum Token Supply: 536,870,912 (2²⁹: 2 to the Power of 29)

Token Symbol: JACS

Standard: ERC-20

Decimals: 18

Token Function: Utility token over JACS Platform

Platform: Ethereum dApp then native JACS blockchain Q1, 2022

Creation Date: Q4, 2020

Rewards: 18.75% Reserve 18.75% Crowdfund 62.5% Distribution

What About The Distribution Of The JACS Token Supply ?

well, JACS also provides its token supply for some parts, we can see it in the image below.

Does JACS make an ICO if so, how do you join the ICO ?

The way is quite easy, please visit the website
JACS (https://www.jacs.tech/) or you can go directly to this link https://www.jacs.tech/sale

for the price, namely 1 ETH = 5000 JACS tokens and the duration of the ICO until 29 November 2020

How good is the project, right? To go deeper, maybe you can immediately read the whitepaper to make it more complete > read the JACS Whitepaper

Don’t forget to follow and join the social media to get the latest info about JACS

writer by Muhammad Randy Chaniago (copoyes)Username Bitcointalk : copoyes
Bitcointalk profile link :
eth addres : 0xcC4b22fFbE19a627505CC1f167258254bB4CCfd3



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