KingSwap The New Generation DeFi Liquidity Decentralized Finance

Muhammad Randy Chaniago
5 min readNov 4, 2020


In the current year 2020 the cryptocurrency era enters a new system technology which can be called DeFi (Decentralized Finance).
The basics of which are still using smart contracts, which run (usually) the Ethereum blockchain, to get loans in the form of crypto assets and are backed by crypto assets and the excess promises transparency values,
Where the program code used is open and can be seen by the public
and in this article we will discuss one crypto project that is arguably the new generation in the DeFI (Decentralized Finance) system, namely KingSwap

in this article I will explain what Kingswap well as usual I will explain it in a concise and brief manner.

What Is KingSwap?

KingSwap is a financial liquidity pool platform which is arguably the newest version of (DeFi) and is a further and better evolution of UniSwap technology and systems. Kingswap also offers various solutions that are much needed for DeFi lovers.

What are the solutions and features provided by KingSwap?

The solutions and features provided by the kings are quite a lot and are different from the others if we are fellow neighbors

One of the solutions that I think is good and good from kingswap is a solution where the off-ramp fiat currency conversion provides an incredible convenience between the world of fiat and cryptocurrency.
And don’t forget that the new firur from KingSwap is oriented towards the Blockchain community to the core design of Uniswap, so this feature will be very helpful for users who are in an offer that will develop rapidly and provide user-friendly time benefits in the price curve and contributor rewards.
and more convenient features The kingswap protocol design offers where the design system aligns incentives for users by introducing strategies such as prize pools & network effects so in the design features this protocol further guarantees ease in creating a strategy to get a reward.

Who is the founder of kingswap?

Well, of course, we also have to know the team of each project, including Kingswap, for its founder kingswap consists of a team which contains people who are experienced and proficient in the world of crypto, especially for DeFI, but at Kingswap we call it Guild Member because the concept is like a game.

Guild Member KingSwap
Guild Member KingSwap
Guild Member KingSwap
Advisor KingSwap

Judging from the profiles of his friends, all of them are very professional

What is the supply of $KING and whether they make private and public sales?

For the total of private sellers, pre-sales, and public sales it is 235,000,000
$KING (235 million $KING). For the total of private sellers, pre-sales, and public sales it is 235,000,000 $KING (235 million $KING).So we just divide the total from the whole.
Eg 235,000,000 divided into 3 stages of Private sale, Pre sale, Public sale
so 235,000,000: 3 = 78,333,333.3
The number is private sale> 78,333,333.3 as well as the pre-sale and public sale, remember this is my own account, if something goes wrong or you still want to know more, please join the Discord or Telegram

How About The Road Map, Does Kingswap Have a Road Map?

Well, of course, of all the crypto projects there must be a Road Map, if there isn’t, we won’t know the future path
well we can see below the from KingSwap

Road Map KingSwap

Does Kingswap Have A Program On Github?

well of course this is why I say Kingswap is transparent we can see first hand the progress of the technology development through their Github ( )

How to buy kingswap?

if you want to buy $king please go to

if you want to buy or join Pre sale KingSwap NFT tokens
please go to the KingSwap website ( or go directly to

There are tiers for Kingswap NFT tokens there are knights, queens, kings so you are free to choose which one the better the tier the better the rewards you get ,we can see in the image below

please choose which one you want to buy ,as I said above, the concept is like a game so there are tier knights, queens and kings if you like high rewards

How Interested Is Not to Try Or Support This KingSwap Project

because for me personally this is very good because the features and solutions provided are what is needed for crypto players this year, moreover, there are DeFi and KingSwap NFTs technology, two things being one is enough to guarantee me for the future, moreover, the team also looks professional and the road map is sufficient clearly according to the schedule.

If Interested Please Join The Social Media KingSwap To Get More Info

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